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People We've Touched

"Evergreen Woods is a wonderful place to be. The staff is wonderful! They are my extended family."
   -Janet, Resident Council President

"My doctor advised me to go to a rehab center after my surgery. I'm glad I chose Evergreen Woods because they really helped me when I needed it most."
   -Donald, short term rehab patient

"My mother was at Evergreen Woods for three weeks after she broke her hip. She made a full recovery and is back home enjoying her hobbies again."
   -Eric, son of short term resident

"I had a heart attack two months ago and if it weren't for the staff helping me and taking great care of me, my recovery wouldn't have been so fast"
   -Pat, short term rehab patient

"The staff at Evergreen Woods is very friendly and caring. They made me feel welcome and at home."
   -Diane, long term resident